Annual Primary Care Check-Up: What to Expect

An annual check-up is a routine physical examination performed by a healthcare professional, typically a doctor, to assess a person's overall health and detect any potential health problems. Have you scheduled yours?

Annual Primary Care Check-Up: What to Expect

If you haven't gotten your annual check up yet, remember, it's not too late! This appointment is an important opportunity for you to receive a comprehensive review of your overall health and to address any concerns you may have.

Here's what you can expect at your appointment:

Health Review

Your doctor will start off by asking you about your current health status and any changes or updates from your last appointment. They will also ask about any symptoms or problems you may be experiencing and any new medications you may be taking.

Physical Exam

Your doctor will then perform a physical exam, including checking your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature), examining your eyes, ears, nose, and throat, and feeling your abdomen and lymph nodes. They may also perform a skin check or a prostate exam if indicated.

Labs and Screenings

Depending on your age, health status, and risk factors, your doctor may order lab tests and/or screenings. For example, they may check your cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, or perform a pap smear for women. Remember! With Sun Health and Dental, your doctor can order a basic health screening lab panel that will only cost you $12.50!

Preventive Care

Your doctor will also discuss any preventive care measures you may need, such as a flu shot or a pneumococcal vaccine. They will also review any recommendations for screenings, such as mammograms or colon cancer screenings, based on your age and health status.

Behavioral Health

Your doctor will take time to ask about your mental health and discuss any stress, anxiety, or depression symptoms you may be experiencing. They will also address any concerns you may have about substance use or addiction.

Chronic Disease Management

If you have a chronic condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, your doctor will review your current management plan and make any necessary adjustments.

Lifestyle Discussion

Your doctor will also discuss your current lifestyle, including your diet, physical activity, and sleep habits. They may make recommendations for changes to improve your health.

In conclusion, an annual primary care check-up is a valuable opportunity for you to receive comprehensive health care and address any concerns you may have. Be prepared to discuss your current health status, undergo a physical exam, and discuss any preventive care measures or lifestyle changes that may be necessary.

Your doctor will be your partner in maintaining good health and addressing any health issues that may arise. Furthermore, should your doctor refer you to a specialist, our customer service team is at the ready to help schedule any new appointments you may need.