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Pharmacy Program

Pharmacy Benefits

We work with some of the largest major pharmacies, such as Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens and Navarro, & thousands of local pharmacies for your convenience!


Sun Health & Dental is a convenient Pharmacy solution:

• Over 600 medications for the most frequently diagnosed conditions at $9.99 per 3-month dose.

• Prescription assistance program for all brand-name medications.

• All medications are offered with discounts up to 80% off regular prices for Sun Health members.

Pharmacy and Prescription details:

Most medical providers can transmit your prescription electronically, so remember to contact our customer service team to receive exclusive discounts on your prescriptions from Sun Health and Dental.

If your pharmacy sells prescription maintenance medications to treat on-going ailments such as high blood pressure and arthritis, for a price lower than agreed upon, you will receive the best price from the pharmacy once the medication has been dispensed.

Can't afford your prescriptions?

Sun Health and Dental Rx Advocacy Program can help you and your family!