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Hospitals &
Emergency Rooms

Sun Health & Dental Hospital Services:

How does it work? Simple! Sun Health and Dental provides our members with contracted hospital-based (as well as programmed or scheduled) services and surgical procedures within Sun Health & Dental's network, as listed in our member handbook.

Hospital Based Non-Emergency Services and Surgeries:

Sun Health & Dental provides our members access to pre-negotiated contracted rates for non-emergency procedures provided at in-network hospitals for non-emergency procedures including surgeries and obstetric services such as child delivery.  

Hospital Emergency Rooms:

If you have a medical emergency that requires immediate attention at your local hospital emergency room, simply provide the admissions personnel your Sun Health & Dental membership card and they will mail us your bills.

Once we receive the bill for services rendered, our staff of trained professionals will contact the hospital and negotiate the charges on your behalf. Most members receive up to 90% reduction in the hospital charges and are provided payment options overtime.

Hospital Advocacy Program:

Hospital, emergency room and medical bills can be confusing. Most hospitals and doctors' office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, which makes it difficult for most patients to reach them with inquiries and concerns about their bills. Sun Health & Dental's Hospital Advocacy Program assigns a dedicated Patient Advocate to work directly with our members' healthcare providers to help reduce their bills. Whether through program qualification, settlement discounts or personalized payment plans, Sun Health & Dental's expert advocates can help lower member medical bills significantly. With years of experience negotiating medical bills, we have seen average savings of between 60-80%.