Diagnostic Radiology

Get a clear picture of what's going on:

Diagnostic Radiology uses non-invasive imaging scans to diagnose a patient. The tests and equipment used sometimes involve low doses of radiation to create highly detailed images of an area. These images help doctors properly diagnose and treat patient conditions.

Examples of diagnostic radiology include:

Radiography (X-rays)


Computed Tomography (CT) Scans

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans

Diagnostic radiology can be used to identify a wide range of problems such as: broken bones, types of cancers such as breast and colon cancer, heart conditions, blood clots, and gastrointestinal conditions as well as many other issues.

Technology Used in Diagnostic Radiology

X-ray Machine: Uses X-rays, a type of electromagnetic radiation, to produce images of the interior of the body without having to make any incisions.

CT Scanner: Uses X-ray equipment to create a sequence of cross-sectional images of the body. Often used when a doctor needs highly detailed images to study in order to identify the source of a problem, especially on soft tissue.

MRI Machine: Uses a magnetic field instead of radiation to produce images of the inside of a body. Used for parts of the body that CT scanners cannot produce clear images of, such as bones.

Some of the diagnostic tests may require compounds to be ingested or chemicals to be injected for a clear view of your blood veins. Other tests may require anesthesia and a scope in order for a doctor to clearly determine the problem.

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