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Sun Health & Dental, The Better Business Bureau and You

Sun Health & Dental has been certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as an A+ rated Medical Plan. BBB Accreditation validates our credibility, integrity, and unwavering commitment to our members. Find out more about what this means for you:

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It's Time to Take Your Health More Seriously

The healthcare system is expensive and flawed. It's time to take back some control. Read the top reasons we need to take our health coverage more seriously and steps you can take right now to make changes with Sun Health & Dental.

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Affordable Health Care Benefits for Families in Florida

Don't get discouraged by the high costs of medical services if you don't have insurance or have a high deductible. Affordable health benefits for families are available in Florida when you partner with Sun Health & Dental! You will be accepted no matter what!

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Four Reasons People Don't Have Health Insurance

We look at four reasons why some of the 27 million Americans who cannot afford health insurance are without coverage and what they can do to find a solution.

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Seeing a Doctor or Dentist Shouldn't be a Deportation Risk

The Trump Administration's proposed legislation to reduce legal immigration by widening grounds for inadmissibility based on public charge has been making waves. Sun Health & Dental clarifies what this means.

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Disclaimer: Sun Health & Dental is not insurance but is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.  Sun Health & Dental provides discounted, fixed pricing at all Contracted Provider locations.  Sun Health & Dental Members pay for the services that are provided directly to the contracted provider.  Sun Health & Dental does not pay providers directly for any services rendered.  Sun Health & Dental assumes no liability or responsibility for any services rendered by contracted providers.  Sun Health & Dental is a Licensed DMPO and is administered at 5901 NW 151 Street, Suite 122 Miami Lakes, FL 33014