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Affordable Dental Plans.

Dental Care Services

All of our member plans give you access to quality dental care. For just $15 more a month, you can get even more savings with our Dental Plus Plan.

Dental Care

Sun Health & Dental focuses on oral health prevention, maintenance and accessibility to quality affordable dental care. This commitment is reflected by providing members access to free preventative dental care procedures. Our comprehensive dental plans provide preventative care as well as restorative, diagnostic, X-Rays, and periodontal care. There are never any deductibles, annual maximums, or waiting periods. Each plan comes with a benefit schedule that fully details covered procedures and costs. Our dental plans cover all pre-existing conditions, and we have one of the largest networks of dental providers in Florida . So enroll today and see a dentist tomorrow.

Why Is Dental Coverage Important?

Dental health is tied to your overall health. Routine dental exams can detect symptoms of more than 125 diseases. Regular checkups and cleanings can save you the pain and expense of future problems down the road.

Free check-ups, cleanings and x-rays:

Sun Health & Dental prioritizes our members oral health, by offering them access to quality and affordable dental care. We even offer certain preventive dental care procedures for free. Our plans include preventive care, as well as reconstructive, diagnostic, x-ray and periodontal care. Members can visit their chosen participating dentist for these procedures as often as necessary.

Simple plan, smaller payments:

There are never deductibles, annual maximums or waiting periods. The Sun Health & Dental benefits timeline provides all the details about the procedures and costs covered, including lab fees and high quality noble metals. Members pay only the contracted rates.

Our Promise:

Sun Health & Dental's Dental Plan aims to meet the needs of our members. Our plan includes a benefit schedule that details all covered procedures and contracted prices.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with the nearest dental clinic at (855) 786-0626.