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Clinical laboratory services are a vital part of determining your current health status.  A timely annual blood test can save your life or put you in the correct treatment plan. This indispensable service is used by healthcare professionals all around the world to establish a baseline for the current health functions of the body chemistry of new patients and existing patients.

These results are compared to established norms that provide information about your current health status. If you are an established patient,your doctor can use these clinical lab results to conclude how you respond to a treatment plan or if the medications you prescribed have positive results.

Contracted Lab Providers

Because these services play a vital role in knowing and protecting your health, Sun Health and Dental has contracted with a nationally accredited clinical laboratories, these contracted labs provide are some of the most advanced clinical laboratories in the country and are located throughout Florida.  Sun Health& Dental only contracts labs that meet our strictest standards for details and excellence in customer service.

Most of our contracted Lab offers Sun Health & Dental members access to blood collection services at home for a nominal fee. To schedule a home-based service, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department and we will help you schedule your home visit.

What are some common blood chemistry results and what do they mean?

• High cholesterol or lipids are indicators of possible coronary heart problems

• Low testosterone in men can cause lack of energy

• Elevated hemoglobin A1c may indicate diabetes

• Thyroid levels that are too high or too low can be a serious problem

• Elevated prostate antigens are an early warning of cancer

Lab tests help catch these and allow for proper treatment to begin.

What are medical laboratory tests?

Laboratory tests are tests performed on blood, body fluids, tissues and other substances to determine what is normal or what is abnormal for you as a patient.

Why are medical laboratory tests performed?

It has been estimated that 60% to 70% of diagnoses and / or treatments are based on laboratory tests. Your doctor may order one or more lab tests depending on your condition. Your doctor uses laboratory results to identify changes in your health status, diagnose a disease or condition, plan your treatment, evaluate your response to a treatment or control the course of a disease over time.

Who can order medical laboratory tests?

Only your doctor or other authorized health care provider can request laboratory tests. Patients can not order their own tests.

Why do you need more than one tube of blood?

Different tests often require separate blood tubes, some with special additives. Most laboratories strive to extract the minimum amount of blood needed for the tests your doctor has ordered.

When will the results of my test be available?

Most test results are available within a week and some results are available within 4 to 24 hours. Multiple factors affect the availability of test results.  Tissue samples, such as a tumor that is tested for cancer, can take days to complete due to the numerous and complex steps that must be taken to process the sample and requests for additional studies. Samples that are tested for bacteria or other microorganisms are grown so that organisms can grow to a level where they can be seen.  

Routine cultures (for example, streptococcal infections or urinary tract infection) take a minimum of 24-48 hours to grow; other cultures (for example, tuberculosis) can take up to 21 days to grow. Many times, positive cultures require additional steps, such as identification of the organism and susceptibility to antibiotics.  Other specialized tests can be sent to an external reference laboratory; this can lengthen the response time.

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