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Easy access to healthcare for small business.

If you are a small business and want to offer your employees affordable access to care, Sun Health & Dental is your solution.

Help your employees take control of their health!

Sun Health is a great way for startups and small businesses to provide healthcare benefits without the hefty investment.

Built for small business
Perfect for startups
Large provider network
Affordable fixed prices
Provider locator
Appointment scheduling

See a doctor for just $40 a month. We offer affordable access to healthcare providers from physicians & specialists to diagnostic radiology, dental, vision, pharmacy, hospitals & urgent care.

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Stand Out

By providing prospective employees with essential healthcare benefits your business can stand out.

The Benefits

Assist your team in prioritizing the well-being of their most valuable resource - their physical and mental health.

Retain Talent

When health benefits are offered, high achieving employees are more inclined to stay with their current employment and are less likely to actively seek new job opportunities.

Why choose Sun Health today


We cover 98% of Texas and Florida. With more states joining soon!

The only DMPO with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.


Satisfied members who have taken control of their health.

I didn't think it would be possible to offer real healthcare to my employees. Sun Health & Dental delivered and helped save me money.

Ana F.

Sun Health & Dental gives my employees excellent dental and vision care. It has also helped me to attract better workers and compete in the job market.

Jose M.

Having a way to get your employees to see doctors at an affordable price has brought me peace of mind and helped immensely.

Eduardo M.

Get started with Sun Health today!