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Good Health, Means a Good Life.

If you can't afford traditional health insurance and have been stressing about your health or have a high deductible through Obamacare and are finding it almost impossible to see a doctor or specialist without overpaying, Sun Health and Dental is for you!  

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Save money and take control of your health!

The stress of uncertainty about your health doesn't have to bring you down. Seeing a doctor doesn't have to be expensive! Sun Health and Dental is a discount medical plan licensed and insured by the Florida Department of Insurance, and for just $40 a month you can have access to doctor's and providers that have been contracted into our network at negotiated rates to bring affordable, quality care to those who need truly need it.

Transparent Pricing

All of our members receive a member handbook that details all of the rates for services inside of our network. No surprises or extra bills in the mail. You step into the doctor's office already knowing what you will pay.

All plans include our basic Dental coverage, for just $15/person more you can upgrade to our Dental Plus Plan!

All of our members receive access to dental services at discounted rates when they enroll, but upgrading to our Dental Plus Plan brings even more savings and benefits:

Most diagnostic and preventative procedures are provided at no cost!
No deductibles or claim forms
Unlimited annual benefits
Like our Health Plans, everyone qualifies!

Guaranteed Acceptance and Immediate Use

No matter your age, immigration status, or any pre-existing conditions you may have, you are guaranteed acceptance into Sun Health and Dental's Network. Once you sign up and are registered as a member, you can see a provider the next day! It's that easy.

Large Network of Doctors and Providers

We have thousands of doctors and specialists so finding the care that you need has never been easier!

Disclaimer: Sun Health & Dental is not insurance but is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.  Sun Health & Dental provides discounted, fixed pricing at all Contracted Provider locations.  Sun Health & Dental Members pay for the services that are provided directly to the contracted provider.  Sun Health & Dental does not pay providers directly for any services rendered.  Sun Health & Dental assumes no liability or responsibility for any services rendered by contracted providers.  Sun Health & Dental is a Licensed DMPO and is administered at 5901 NW 151 Street, Suite 122 Miami Lakes, FL 33014