Sun health providers save on medical supplies

Cut costs and get what your practice needs at a fraction of the cost

Our partnership with MDSupplies gives our Provider partners access to discounted medical equipment for all of their practice needs. The Manufacturer-Direct supply store covers equipment ranging across multiple industries and markets such as:

  • Private Practice & Physicians
  • Hospital Equipment
  • Veterinary Equipment
  • Dentistry Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Assisted Living
  • Pharmacy & Retail Supplies
  • Urgent Care Supplies
  • Gynecologists
  • Optometry & more!

Partners can save up to 50%, with or without an account! Compare pricing and specs side by side, across an expansive inventory of products click on the logo below to shop now:

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Disclaimer: Sun Health & Dental is not insurance but is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.  Sun Health & Dental provides discounted, fixed pricing at all Contracted Provider locations.  Sun Health & Dental Members pay for the services that are provided directly to the contracted provider.  Sun Health & Dental does not pay providers directly for any services rendered.  Sun Health & Dental assumes no liability or responsibility for any services rendered by contracted providers.  Sun Health & Dental is a Licensed DMPO and is administered at 5901 NW 151 Street, Suite 122 Miami Lakes, FL 33014