How Can Your Medical Plan Work In Conjunction With Your Major Insurance Plan?

This blog discusses the benefits of having a discount medical plan, like Sun Health and Dental, in conjunction with a major insurance plan.

How Can Your Medical Plan Work In Conjunction With Your Insurance Plan?

In the United States, having health insurance is believed to be the only way to receive healthcare. At Sun Health & Dental, we are trying to change this. The reality is, for many Americans, even those who qualify for low cost plans through the Affordable Care Act, health insurance premiums are far too expensive, deductibles are too high, and the access to complete care is not always guaranteed.

Some Americans are offered insurance through their employer, yet even in these cases, there are many gaps in coverage. For example, let’s say your insurance coverage has a deductible of $500 for urgent care costs. This means that if your urgent care bill is $400, you are responsible for the full amount. In this case, your insurance coverage is not helping with the cost whatsoever. 

Well, having a Sun Health and Dental membership can help fill in these gaps in coverage. For example, once you are signed up for a Sun Health and Dental membership, your coverage starts immediately. Benefits can be used the same day as enrollment. If the above scenario were to happen to you, you would not be responsible for the full amount of your urgent care bill. Instead, your Sun Health and Dental care team would point you in the direction of an urgent care center that would have fixed discounted rates. This means you would know exactly what you’re going to pay at the time of service.

Let’s break this down further:

A discount medical plan, like Sun Health & Dental, is not insurance, but rather a membership program that offers discounted rates for a variety of healthcare services. These plans can be especially helpful for those who have high deductibles or copays with their insurance, as they can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

Here are some ways in which a discount medical plan can complement a major insurance plan:

Access to discounted services

Sun Health and Dental can provide access to discounted rates for a variety of healthcare services, including dental, vision, and prescription drugs. These discounts can be especially beneficial for those who do not have insurance coverage for these services or have limited coverage.

No deductibles or copays

Unlike insurance plans, Sun Health & Dental members do not have deductibles. This means that members can receive discounted rates for services without having to meet a deductible; they only have to pay a small fee at time of service. 


Sun Health & Dental is more flexible than insurance plans, as there are no restrictions on who can receive benefits or coverage. This means that everyone qualifies! Most insurance plans have strict qualifications that will determine coverage. With Sun Health as a compliment to your insurance, any sort of gaps will be taken care of. 

Easy to use

Sun Health and Dental has created a system that is easy to use. Members receive a member ID card that they take to participating providers, and discounted rates will be applied. Appointments can be made through our online portal, or our customer care team will coordinate all members appointments. As opposed to your major insurance plan, we will help you find the closest provider to you, as well as schedule all appointments. 

In conclusion, a discount medical plan can be a perfect supplement to a major insurance plan, providing access to discounted services, savings on out-of-pocket expenses, flexibility, and ease of use. If you are looking for ways to reduce your healthcare costs and supplement your insurance coverage, Sun Health and Dental is worth considering.