Your health is one of the most important aspects of your life. From healthy hearts and strong teeth, it’s important for every member of your family to regularly visit your doctor or other health care provider so everyone can enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life. Without access to affordable health care benefits or breaking the bank to meet your deductible, it can be hard to maintain optimal health. Low-cost health care plans for families can be tricky to navigate. Even after spending hours of time researching different plans and completing the tedious application, your family may still be denied coverage for any number of reasons.

Regardless of your situation, we want you to know that affordable health care benefits are available to families in Florida. You can rest easy knowing your family’s health is in the best providers in the state. Sun Health & Dental is here to ensure you have the quality medical care your family needs at the low monthly prices you can afford.

Sun Health and Dental - Save money and be healthy

Specialists, lab tests, urgent care visits, eye exams, dental cleanings, and overall primary care can add up quickly. If you’ve been shopping around, you know how quickly these essential health care benefits can mount. You need to find a health care provider network in Florida you can trust to ensure your children and spouse are covered for routine procedures and emergency situations. Even after you are out of the emergency room or doctor’s office, you still need a low-cost health care plan to offset the cost of high-priced prescriptions.

We understand that high deductibles can make it difficult to schedule any appointments or make a visit to an urgent care because the cost of each visit is beyond your current budget. We are proud to offer affordable health care benefits throughout the state of Florida to families regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Sun Health & Dental can connect you with the highest rated medical professionals and services in your area. Our cost-effective benefit plans ensure you never feel the need to skip out on a doctor’s visit again! Affordable health care benefits for families from Sun Health & Dental include:

  • Blood chemistry results to determine if you suffer from high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid issues, or low testosterone
  • Diagnostic radiology such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT or MRI scans
  • Appointments for primary care are made for you
  • Receive expert treatment from specialists such as cardiologists, gastroenterologist, dermatologists and more
  • Annual eye and dental exams at a fraction of the average cost
  • Prescription assistance and low costs for three-month dosages
  • Up to 90% reduction in charges incurred through emergency room visits
  • And so much more!

Everyone qualifies, that's right, everyone.

Aside from our low-cost, affordable health care benefits, Sun Health & Dental guarantees acceptance for every family that applies! Unlike health care coverage plans you may have researched, we do not deny your family health care coverage if you are an immigrant. No matter your age or pre-existing condition, your family will be accepted and have access to health care providers in Florida within 24 hours of your acceptance.

No matter who in your family isn’t feeling at 100 percent, you can get them access to the health care in Florida they deserve. Gone are the days of suffering from stomach aches, excruciating migraines, sore gums, or high blood pressure. Sun Health & Dental is here to help your family take control of your health today. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Insurance to provide low-cost medical family plans throughout the state. Transparent pricing is provided in our member’s handbook and covers all the affordable health care benefits your family can receive. Don’t wait — get more information today! Achieve good health so your family can live a good life.

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Disclaimer: Sun Health & Dental is not insurance but is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.  Sun Health & Dental provides discounted, fixed pricing at all Contracted Provider locations.  Sun Health & Dental Members pay for the services that are provided directly to the contracted provider.  Sun Health & Dental does not pay providers directly for any services rendered.  Sun Health & Dental assumes no liability or responsibility for any services rendered by contracted providers.  Sun Health & Dental is a Licensed DMPO and is administered at 5901 NW 151 Street, Suite 122 Miami Lakes, FL 33014