Keeping an eye on your vision!

Sun Health and Dental is proud to partner with South Florida Vision Centers toprovide quality vision care to all of our members in their locations throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie.  Accredited nationally and founded in 1985, South Florida Vision Centers is one of the oldest and most respected Vision Centers in all of Florida.  Providing local access to the best optometrists in South Florida using the most advanced equipment to properly assess our members' vision.

The South Florida Vision Center also owns and operates its own laboratory to manufacture its lenses in its facilities, ensuring the highest standards for vision prescription.

Member Benefits:

Our exclusive partnership provides access to hundreds of vision-related services to all Sun Health and Dental members

All members receive a complete eye exam with a $35 visit that includes:

  • Vision assessment
  • Evaluation of inter-ocular pressure to detect glaucoma
  • Dilated eye exam to determine eye health and look for diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes
  • External evaluation of eye health

Affordable Pricing for common vision expenses:

  • Eye exam: $35.00
  • Bifocal lens placement: $35.00
  • Simple vision contact lens frame: $60.00

Standard frames and lenses:

  • Stock standard CR-39 (single view): $35.00
  • Stock standard CR-39 (Bi Focal FT-28): $35.00
  • Stock CR-39 (Tri Focal 7x28): $45.00
  • Select Progressive Standard (Bi Focal): $60.00
  • Bi-focal transition lens: $ 80.00 Progressive transition lens: $90.00

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are provided at cost plus $6.00 shipping

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