Basic Dental Plan

Dental Plus Plan

Plan Benefits

Diagnostic &
Preventative Procedures

Our standard discount plan.

Services are provided at the listed fees found in our member handbook.

All standard discounts included as well as fixed co-payments that provide additional savings of 50-60% of usual fees charged by dentists.

Upgraded metals for crowns

All diagnostic and preventative procedures are provided at the listed rate found in our member handbook.

Most diagnostic and preventative procedures are provided at no cost to Sun Health and Dental members.

Laboratory fees

Additional charge of up to $200 per crown or denture.

Additional charge of up to $150 per crown or denture.

Additional charge of up to $200 per unit.

Additional charge of up to $75 per unit.

Comparison of the most commonly used procedures

ADA Code


Average Dentist Charge**

Dental Basic Plan

Dental Plus Plan

Member Pays



Periodic Oral Exam



No Charge


Limited Oral Evaluation - Problem focused



No Charge


Comprehensive Oral Evaulation - Once annually


No Charge

No Charge








Intraoral Complete Series - Once every 3 years

Periapical First Film

Periapical Each Additional Film

Bitewing - Single Film, Once a year

Bitewing - Two Films, Once a year

Panoramic X-Rays, Once every 3 years








No Charge





No Charge


No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

No Charge






Routine Adult Prophylaxis, Once every 6 months

Routine Child Prophylaxis, Once every 6 months

Topical application of Fluoride






No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

No Charge

Restorative Fillings




Resin - 2 Surfaces, Anterior

Resin - 1 Surface, Anterior

Resin - 3 Surfaces, Anterior










Fixed Crown and Bridge



Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic Structure*

Crown - Porcelain fused to High Noble Metal*







Endodontics (Root Canals)




Root Canal - Anterior

Root Canal - Bicuspid

Root Canal - Molar










Periodontics (Gum treatment)



Periodontal Scaling and Root planning, per quadrant

Full Mouth Debridement







Oral Surgeries (Extraction)





Extraction of Erupted or Exposed Tooth

Surgical Extraction, Erupted Tooth

Soft Tissue Impaction

Partial Bony Impaction
















Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment - Child

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment - Adult








Why Is Dental Coverage Important?

Dental health is tied to your overall health. Routine dental exams can detect symptoms of more than 125 diseases. Regular checkups and cleanings can save you the pain and expense of future problems down the road.

Free check-ups, cleanings and x-rays:

Sun Health & Dental prioritizes our members oral health, by offering them access to quality and affordable dental care. We even offer certain preventive dental care procedures for free. Our plans include preventive care, as well as reconstructive, diagnostic, x-ray and periodontal care. Members can visit their chosen participating dentist for these procedures as often as necessary.

Simple plan, smaller payments:

There are never deductibles, annual maximums or waiting periods. The Sun Health & Dental benefits timeline provides all the details about the procedures and costs covered, including lab fees and high quality noble metals. Members pay only the contracted rates.

Our Promise:

Sun Health & Dental's Dental Plan aims to meet the needs of our members. Our plan includes a benefit schedule that details all covered procedures and contracted prices.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with the nearest dental clinic at (855) 786 0626.

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Having Health insurance DOESN't PROTECT ORAL HEALTH

Sun Dental quality, affordable dental care in Florida… It’s that simple.

We offer rich plans and unbeatable savings with the security of knowing that you will be protected from hidden fees and surprises. Sun Dental has an extensive network of Dental professionals throughout Florida providing an open-access network which means that you’ll never have to deal with frustrating network restrictions again. Now that’s something to smile about.

Dental Care for All.

Everyone Qualifies for Dental coverage, and coverage is immediate enroll today and you can visit one of our dentists tomorrow. Regardless of your age, sex, pre-existing conditions and immigration status. Don’t wait, enroll today!


  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Deductibles
  • No Claim Forms to Submit
  • No Annual Cap on Benefits
Disclaimer: Sun Health & Dental is not insurance but is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance.  Sun Health & Dental provides discounted, fixed pricing at all Contracted Provider locations.  Sun Health & Dental Members pay for the services that are provided directly to the contracted provider.  Sun Health & Dental does not pay providers directly for any services rendered.  Sun Health & Dental assumes no liability or responsibility for any services rendered by contracted providers.  Sun Health & Dental is a Licensed DMPO and is administered at 5901 NW 151 Street, Suite 122 Miami Lakes, FL 33014